Final DECO2606 Blogpost

November 13, 2011 § Leave a comment

The final blogpost. Here we go!


Process . . .

Odd to think it’s been a semester since the concept of ‘Stomping Grounds‘ grabbed ahold of me. It’s fun to imagine the infinite paths this project could’ve taken, but I’m grateful for the steps taken along the way.

Throughout this course, I have maintained this blog documenting my progress. (Quite a rewarding commitment).

From first flight:

to Strings of Ribbon:

and all the spaces:

and inspirations in between.

A final brief took form, generating starfields , fractals , and other odd things.

And have since been culminating:

to reach a nice casual game.


. a casual immersive game .


 This casual immersive game is designed for play in social spaces. The simulations demonstrated here would be set up in an open public area, with one portion (the 3D Kinect view) being displayed as a large immersive (potentially panoramic) projection. Adjacent to this would be a multi-touch table which, like the kinect, can also promote collaborative gameplay.

These platforms can encourage strangers, both passer-bys and veterans, to mutually engage their environment in a casual immersive game.


( Want to poke around at the java source code? Download here. )


. Яeflection

DECO2606 Real Time Multimedia is an awesome class. Learnt a lot. One of the few projects I’ve thought could realistically be extended after my degree concludes. Perhaps as a tablet game, or an avenue of research into collaborative interactions in social spaces.

Though the last deco2606 blogpost, this is certainly not the end of this project. After improvement and demos, components and knowledge learnt will be reused extensively for other projects (recursive elements like fractals are looking more and more interesting by the day as my next venture).

Overall a very fun and enjoyable class.



P.S. Also, please check out my other classmates’ sites, there’s some pretty amazing work!

Kevin Chan, Sanjay Dutt, Kendrick Khoo, Stella Kim, Mark C Mitchell, Ashleigh Sutton, Garry Taulu, Spencer Walden, David Wallis, William Yong, Adam Younis, David Zheng, Tim Zapevalov }


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