Fractal Experimentation

November 11, 2011 § 1 Comment

So I’ve been experimenting simulating moving fractals, zooming into them infinitely, in a faux 3D space.

I found the Diamond-Square algorithm, implemented it, and adjusted it so a faux-sense of Z-depth would be generated (by having the variance values increase closer to the centre of the screen). The following are images that were generated.

Unfortunately, the goal was to get a constantly moving, animated fractal, which this method wouldn’t work for (especially at this resolution), as the generation took too long, and could not be controlled for a consistent-looking animation.

As such, the diamond-square algorithm was re-implemented with an attempt to move 2d pixels outwards inverse-exponentially to simulate 3D movement. However contrast in this is not consistent.

Use of animated noise was also attempted, but the result was too ‘smooth’ and were more like hippy,metal,rings, rather than gases.

For now I have pushed fractal experimentation aside, but it’ll be useful for future projects.




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