Visualising Sydney Census Data

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

ArcScene was experimented with through the act of using it to visualise Sydney census data.

My first visualisation was that of total amount of people in a sector, mapped to altitude (multiplied by x1.5 times) and a color ramp.

And for something different, I mapped the people born natively in Australia ratio to  a color ramp, and compared that to the (scaled) Aboriginal population, mapping that to altitude. There doesn’t seem to be any significant correlation between these two attributes (but certain peaks in Aboriginal population are obvious). The peak in Aboriginal population in the north-inner-west is quite evident..

Then I wanted to explore the ratio of people born here to those born overseas. This was also mapped to two attributes; altitude (x300) and color ramp. The darker, and higher, the section, the higher the ratio of people born overseas compared to those born in Australia.

However, representing this data was non-sensical without any relation to population, hence, altitude was mapped to population instead.

However, something kept bugging me about my original population representation. Finally I realised the area was misinterpreted. The area of the sector wasn’t actually taken into account in the initial visualisations. Scaling this variable accordingly in considering the population count (so it became population per area), returned an accurate final visualisation representing the total population (altitude) and Australian-born ratio (color ramp). As can be observed, there are obvious geo-located clusters and cliques of communities born out of the county.


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