Looking at websites with historical information.

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

The following a selection and review of sites that visually represent some form of historical or archaeological information.
Angkor Interactive provides a series of animations of Angkhor. The site nicely represents Angkhor, in the Khmer Empire. The beauty and simplistic visual hierarchy of the site itself allows one to effectively dive into the information one finds personally interesting. This simplicity translates into ease of navigation. The information is also very nicely paraphrased, with content represented well in the form of timelines and beautiful animations.

Digital Digging has many interesting things on its site. However, whilst maps and videos help support most of their material, the site is quite difficult to navigate, in that the site hierarchy appears to be based moreso on the type of media (rather than integrated over mutual sites).

History of the Australian Web presents an extremely comprehensive visualisation of the changing landscape of various websites accessed in Australia. A lot can be discerned by its visualisation (layed out in either an x-y or bubble graph, with variable x and y parameters), on a timeline view. The key is also quite helpful and allows for the quick filtering of results. The navigation here is intuitive and simplistic, but that is mainly because there are not as many levels of content to go through (as other sites have presented). Overall a very informative and intuitive visualisation.

SciMaps is a slightly different map from the previous ones in that it is more of a collection of different visualisations mapping the historic march of science. However, many of the visualisations it has collected are quite good and well written about. Navigation of the site is slightly slow, and could be improved with aesthetics, and allow also for random exploration, but beyond that’ it’s quite standard and usable. The site’s significant value lies in it’s content, which in themselves, are a wealth of nicely conveyed information.


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