Project Update.

October 6, 2011 § 1 Comment


The purpose of this project is to explore the empaphatic connections between persons in a local game environment. Whether they be observers or participators, enemies or allies, there presides an unspoken, existential, connection between people within the same local atmosphere proximal to some activity.


Two platforms, a tabletop and kinect-based-projection, will be synchronized upon one game environment. The current game environment involves safely travelling from one planet to another. Safety is retained by navigation controls, shooting, and resources/boid-flocking management.


The Sentient.
(Projector Screens & Tabletop)


Current Progress to Date:
Tabletop – Multiple touchpoints – Flock Control.
Kinect – Simple 3D Navigation system.

Aesthetics (Layers):
Tabletop – A simple Tron-Like Theme.
Star Fields.
Clouds. Fractals.

Networking, Synchronizing between the two platforms.

Everything based on adjustable parameters, so they can evolve easily through gameplay.

Issues. Synchronization, Efficiency, Framerate.


Wk 11 – Base Aesthetics.
Wk 13 – Touchup for Submission.


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