Making Maps (Further ArcGis Activity)

October 5, 2011 § Leave a comment

Given a site plan and data of somefatures of a site at Irrawang. A couple of maps were generated.

Unfilled excavation grids were drawn onto the map, along with structural remains an their general shapes (given an opacity fill so other features weren’t obscured). Contour lines were also chosen, spaced at 200m intervals, an interval that was evaluated to not be too small as to induce visual complexity and large enough to show the general depths of the area.

Mapping features that were added was a legend, as a key, a scale, and importantly, a contextual ‘sub-map’ (of the State or Site respectively) at a corner of the map. This smaller map depicts a dot which helps to position the area of focus in a larger geospatial context. Context is very important to the representation of data and can often be forgotten.

The following is a map of the Irrawang Site, Site Structures, (in the geospatial context of New South Wales).

The following image is of the Main Kiln at the Irrawang Site, (in the geospatial context of site itself).





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