Exploration: Handling Multiple Screens.

September 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

As part of my concept, I wish to be able to project the game-world panoramically onto multiple screens. Currently, I am missing access to two screens.

My search revealed some interesting things, including the fact that thunderbolt essentially was not yet supported by many devices (link).

External usb video cards (link) appeared hopeful, however they could not handle fast speeds, nor OpenGl.

The possibility of even having multiple laptops connected to each projector, with a wired network quickly sending UDP messages to synchronise them, also arose. (I may have to consider physically connecting the network for the final work).

Eventually, Matrox’s TripleHeads arose as potential solutions (thanks to Martin and Elma) (link). It appears that there are three different editions, each with varying degrees of compatibility and resolutions. Though only the display edition is officially supported, any version could potentially work (according to old forums). The basic analogue version would work perfectly in this context (granted it works), being of sufficient resolution and not requiring additional cables. (With an infinite amount of money, the display port version would be best (especially running off a macbook pro), along with a few of adapters). Unfortunately these heads are quite pricey (upward of $300), so if I can’t get access to them by borrowing or via the university, then I’ll have to look for alternatives or cut this portion of the project.

Regardless of what happens, this knowledge is very useful for future projects involving multiple displays.



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