Kinect Setups (Further Experimentation)

September 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Quick Update. Went on to apply OpenCV’s blob tracking to the kinect-thresholded-capture. However, it was then realised that the blobs were not individually tracked (they had no id’s, and were probably intended for static purposes).

Following this, further experimentation was done with a different kinect setup; using simple-openni to potentially get hand tracking. Having previously set up openni and nite, there were some conflicts, this was solved by following simple-openni’s full instructions (including install), and copying any unfound njlib files to /System/Library/Java/Extensions/ , also restarting in 32bit may have helped get things running. Unfortunately, multiple hand tracking couldn’t seem to be turned on (and it took forever, well, minutes, to get any hand recognised through tedious waving, so that is definitely not an ideal experience). Hence I revereted back to the original openni’s and nite versions by sudo running their ./ ‘s.

I’ve really spent too much time with experimenting and assessing different methods. Going to stick with thresholding now, and manually implement a simple blob tracker. I shall definitely be dividing my code into modular sections, so I can potentially change to a better input system later (time permitting).


[ Raw Threshold Depth Input from Kinect ] -> [ Blobs w/ Tracking ] -> [ Cursor Objects w/ History ]

[ Cursor Objects w/ History ] -> [ Drawing of all Cursor Objects to have ever Existed ]


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