Touch Progress

August 31, 2011 § Leave a comment

Hi, ah, so this is quite late, but better late than never. Been busy experimenting with my gaming system concept for a touch table.

To recap this concept (which works great in my head, but is a bit hard to explain), essentially it’s a tower defence game, except soldier units play a much larger, and crucial role. Originating from your basic towers, these clusters of units can be positioned and controlled in the battlefield (your attack) whilst being recalled into the tower to give it more ‘health’ (your defence).

[ A sketch of my concept ]

Their were two significant choices of flock control that arose.
1. Influencing free-roaming flocks (e.g. via wind). This was natural to control, easily scalable to multiple touchpoints, but required a delicate balance of influential variables.
2. Control groups of flocks directly. This was easier to implement in the short-term, have more control to the user and scalable to ground units. However, additional code would be needed to handle multitouch.

In the end, I chose to control groups of flocks directly.

Whilst developing this, I’ve had to constantly tell myself that I am taking a Breadth-First approach to developing this project, and have to stop focusing on small variables / details.

Games like Firefall, have re-ignited my desire to also explore providing certain combinations of tools to players that can significantly alter gameplay per person and limited only by their creativity (e.g. Black-holes, portals, gravity influences, psychologically turning enemies). However, due to time-constraints, this is being filed under “wishful thinking for future developments”.

Here is a video showing three chronological stages of my experimentation / development:

Havn’t had the chance yet to test this on the tabletop. But as I am running quite behind schedule, I am leaving the tabletop platform for now to start looking at Kinect.

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