Approaching Concepts

August 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Following the presentation of a narrow range of concepts, we were introduced to different introductory waypoints to explore concepts.

These were:

  • Need.
  • Form.
  • Technology.

Whereas ‘need’ was the predominant entry point to a concept, a concept can-not exist without two of these elements. All three are required for a product. (See product management reading).

As such, ideas can be generated through moments of insight, observation, or the analysis of data (especially looking at expert works).

In generating ideas, one must keep in mind that Group Creativity is Benefitial, and, at least initially, no ideas are bad. The more ridiculous and wacky the better!

Other methods include forcing ideas and stimulai together (turn the tv to a random channel). And the most cited; simple ‘lateral thinking’, trying to see something and address it from as many point of views as possible.

Malcom Gladwell’s “What the Dog Saw”, though not as related, provides some interesting perspectives on different things through psychological and marketing annecdotes.


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