Basic Force Graph

August 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Process of addressing the task of graphing a small social network.

The Task.

Began with some basic Springs for an automated force-directed graph.
 Implemented repulsion (Hooke’s law).

Increased repulsion strength.

Added visuals for edge direction ( “A=—B”, ‘A’ likes ‘B’).
Also, manually moved nodes around, giving a better appearance  than the previous algorithms.

 Represented the nodes attributes (Job=Color, Blue=IBM, Green=Student, Grey=Unemployed) (Shape=Gender, Circle=Female, Square=Male).
Also manually repositioned the nodes here, attempting to keep job-clusters together.

 Substituted the repulsion step (from Hooke’s Law) with long springs from each node to every other node. It appears to be better than the previous automated attempts.

The final digital implementation simply addresses the edge relationships, and not the clusters.

Due to the force-directed method of this final implementation, results can vary slightly (however it also allows for nice, cognitively simple, animations).




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