Need for Needfinding

August 14, 2011 § Leave a comment

Assigned reading included:

  • Chapters 4 and 5 of New Products Management.
  • Paitnik, D., and Becker, R. (1999) Needfinding: The Why and How of Uncovering Peopleʼs Needs, Design Management Journal, 10(2), 37-43.
  • Preface, Ch1,2 of ‘Getting Started with Arduino’
Havn’t had the chance to check out ‘New Products Management’ from the library yet, on my short todo list.
The Needfinding article was an extremely well written and useful article. It served as a great reminder to the important lessons taught in user interaction design.
Arduino brief. It reminded me of the need for user observation and why focusing on needs are important:
  • Needs last longer than any specific solution. Therefore, we must look beyond the immediately solvable problem.
  • Needs are obvious after the fact, not before. “People become acclimated to their problems, often developing work-arounds to circumvent a need. In doing so, they can become oblivious to the need’s existence.1”
An article on some practical advice in direct observation was also linked.
The introduction to ‘Getting Started with Arduino’, was inspiring, especially it’s take on leveraging existing hardware (and software) to experiment and create.

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