The Deciding Concept

August 11, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thought I’d go with the theme; Tangible Input/Output.

And came up with the following titles of different concepts:

  • “Spin the Globe” – Physical Globe that could be spun, with touch points mappable to a virtual map, projectable on some display, in the context of a game (e.g. quiz, risk).
  • “Hall of Mirrors” – Different Screens, acting as networked webcams.
  • “Hot Potato” – Ball with a vibrational motor inside.
  • “Hot Lava” – Virtual version of a kid’s game where you can’t step on lines.
  • “Stomping Ground” – Projected Top-Down Tower Defence Game, with Human Stomping Controllers.
  • “Electric Shock Game” – Trivia like game, with the notion of delivering shocks to players, opponents and team-mates.
  • “Fly Through”/”Alternate Window” – A pervasive experience, tilt controlled fly-through across different abstract scenarios based upon real world statistics.
  • “Phone Supported Landscape” – Attributes existing on your device can evolve on it, but can also be interacted with on communal screens.

Interestingly though, we landed on my original concept; “Stomping Ground”. (All the other ideas seemed much too diverse, brief, indirect and simplistic).

It was surprising that “Stomping Ground” was chosen, as it was conceptualised in the first week. I was under the impression that the initial idea could have been subjected to design fixation (though in hindsight, the other ideas mentioned may have been more subject due to the course material covered and various other subjects).

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