Two Interesting Tree Visualizations

August 8, 2011 § Leave a comment


SearchWeb (
Created by Gavin Baily et. al. at DataArt. January 2010.

[ SearchWeb with tags; “Climate” (top), and “Google” (bottom) ]
Description: Allows a user to browse BBC articles related to certain tags, represented hierarchically in their various categories.

: A radial drawing where a central node is established, with all (article-based) leaf nodes along a shared outer circumference. Nodes in between the leaf and root are situated in a naturally (mass-spring-like) spaced manner. Though these inner nodes are not constrained to any circular circumferences, nor by ‘wedges’, they do attempt to minimize edge crossings.
NewsMap (.jp)
Created by Marcos Weskamp (also the creator of Flipboard for iPad). March 2004.
[ NewsMap in the U.S. (top) and Australia (bottom) ] 
Description: An interactive application that visualizes the size, and recency of various news articles across different categories and countries. It allows for the quick visual comparison of relationship between news media and the news landscape across countries.
Analysis: Following news aggregation, this is a two-level tree map. With the initial level ‘news categories’, united by different hues. Variables such as article age are represented by background brightness, whereas the area of different nodes (articles) represents the amount of coverage (the amount of related articles within each news cluster).
Edit: Self-Note. In relation to the subject, should probably tread away from artistic’ perspectives and start taking a more technically analytical approach.
Edit2: Another note. Interesting exhibition happening at UTS; “Incidental Data”

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