COMP5048 – Introduction

August 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

[ This is a personal blog on the subject COMP5048 – Information Visualisation, taught in Computer Science, at USYD, by Seok-Hee Hong. ]

This has been a rather slow start for this subject. Not what I was expecting from a postgraduate subject, but it looks like (I hope) that the pace will pick up later on.

The first lecture gave some interesting points to the achievable, measurable, aesthetics of (abstract) information visualization, consider:

  • (edge) crossings
  • area
  • symmetry
  • edge length
  • bends
  • angular resolution
  • aspect ratio
Characteristics which could achieve readability, but are not completely separate from another (for example, one may not be able to minimize edge crossings and maximize symmetry at the same time).
Our first task was to analyse some visualisations, identifying their good and bad attributes in accordance to the measurable criteria aforementioned. The following are my (short) references of critiques from others.

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